Surviving a brain stem stroke

Eddies Latest Blog Updates, for those who are not aware that after my stroke 06.02.11 I was asked to write a book, after careful consideration I decided to write a blog.My blog is the story of my journey through the different stages of my recovery to date. 
It also includes information and explanations which may prove helpful to Stroke survivors their carer's and the public in general.


25. Jan, 2017
I am aware that some power or manual chair users have needs that affect their ability to travel alone, however I hope to show carers and loved ones that all the places that are accessible to me will be accessible to you as an escort.
This page is about my journeys in my power chair or scooter. I often hear that getting about in a power chair can be difficult, some times it is depending where you are i.e. town, city, country side or country.
Again this section is pictorial and shows that someone in a chair can travel where ever they like.
Rockingham beach WA
You can see our latest Trip to Australia where I took my own power chair Eddies independent travel.




I know that many Stroke Survivors, carers and loved ones were told or were warned by consultants and other professionals in the early days of stroke that “you may never walk, talk, swallow “etc. these days I've come to understand why, if we were told that we will fully recover when knowing that we wouldn't would be foolish and dishonest of the practitioners.

I like many others was given a bleak outlook for my future and to be prepared for a life with disabilities which caused me to be very sad and down for a short while, eventually I began to accept my stroke and the disabilities it has left me with, however, I could not and would not accept the prognosis.

Let me try to encourage you by saying there is a new world out there to discover, though I cannot drive any more and my walking is ver poor I see and visit more places than I would have if I driving. over the past four years I've climbed my mountain, carried the Olympic torch, flown back to Australia, I independently travel in my Power chair on busses and trains, stay in hotels, visited many places in the Uk i.e. London, Newmarket, Stratford on my own. Next week I'm going to Northumberland for a respite week again on my own.

Life doesn't need to be just an existence it's an exploration there are so many things out there that can give you something to live for and enjoy.

Try not to allow yourself to get stuck in in that “I’ll never be able to do that again” mode, it isn’t an easy journey but the World is your Oyster so get out there and explore it. 



We often talk about doing things for the first time since our stroke, I am four years on now and still finding activities to do, in the early days I often said to myself "I'll never be able to do that again" yet here I am bragging about what I'm doing.
I've just spent the week with my sister on Orkney, I know that I've conquered flying but yesterday was the first time that I flew into Norwich since I was Medivaced from Dubai to Norwich, while in Orkney I went on a boat fishing trip for the first time since my stroke, I was a bit nervous at first as I didn't know how I was going to get in or out of a small boat rocking up and down by the quay side but I did it, it was fairly easy getting in as I just sat on the edge of the quay and lowered myself in, getting out was a challenge as I can't lift my legs nor do I have much strength in them but, my brother in law and the boat owner Eric just stood behind me on the quay steps and heaved me out all I could was laugh and fart.
So let me encourage those who are just starting their journey of recovery by saying if you put your mind to it anything is possible.
SEPTEMBER 2014 at the base of Canigou, South France. One of the best days of my life, for years now I have wanted to climb Canigou in the South of France, as you know my stroke has put pay to this kind of extreme climbing, however, I managed to get to the base in what can be still described as extreme. Watch this.
31.07.2014 I feel rather pleased with myself, I've just cut the grass with only three rest pauses and I didn't drag my chair behind me.


<p>&lt;p&gt;;I am sitting here in the conservatory enjoying the sun shine and blue sky's yes blue sky's the storm has passed, but, while thinking it came back to me the memories of lying there unable to move the seconds, minutes, hours, days months yes months six in all, having my bum cleaned by young ladies, unable to eat, drink, talk, couldn't ring the bell when in pain, staff talking over you when cleaning you, staff not taking the time to learn to use the ETRAN communication board, being hoisted, rolled, meds stuck up your bum, blood taken daily and from anywhere they could find a vein etc. but like I said I am now sitting enjoying the sun and life in general waiting to go to McDonalds with grand daughter.&lt;/p&gt;</p>

Every mans Tonka toy dream.
From being told that I may never walk, talk, swallow etc again, here I am fulfilling a dream in Australia with my grandchildren.
Sitting in the drivers seat of the truck

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Nick Clarke | Reply 06.02.2017 12.49

Eddie, this is great stuff, absolutely brilliant and hope that you inspire lots of others impacted by Stroke - a bit similar to what I do - www.strokeinformatio

Margot Hitchcock | Reply 05.07.2016 04.14

hi Eddie thanx for sharing your story with other stroke survivors.. your comments on our stroke Facebook site - Strokes Suck Australia - are inspiring. Margot x

Steve | Reply 03.03.2016 20.07

You are a true inspiration... sometimes I fear I don't fully appreciate how awesome you are. So happy that you are inspiring and providing hope to so many!

Mike Druce | Reply 22.11.2015 21.35


Terri Rae Cerna | Reply 03.08.2015 20.04

Eddie, I am sitting here in Arizona truly inspired by your story!! My prayer is that my amazing and strong father Papa Dave can one day tell his story. ThankYou

Sylvia Wesley | Reply 31.07.2015 13.50

Hi Eddie,
Just seen your blog with Beth and she said that you are an inspiration to yourself and to others. Keep up the good work.
See you next week.

Lynn | Reply 12.06.2015 18.04

Hi Eddie,

My dad had a brain stem stroke 2 months ago. He hasn't regain his awareness and we were losing hope until we saw your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy Thomas 31.07.2015 15.25

Hi Lynn, my Hubby Andy had a brain stem stroke on the 9th September 2014. He was unconscious for 5 weeks in ITU.He is doing brilliantly now. Have faith xxx

Michael | Reply 12.06.2015 17.34

I never knew you had a Brain Stem Stroke, same here, 2011, I certainly didn't enjoy Hospital or the Rehab. unit. You are doing well for yourself.

Kate Holvey | Reply 13.03.2015 23.46

Wow Eddie.. Having had the pleasure of seeing you again on Thursday after months, you truly are inspirational. Can we have a table on 5th at forum?

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Hi,I am Linda Peters from UAE. I had a hemorrhagic stroke. This was so tough for me because i never imagined myself in this

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Greatest family ,Your family is very nice because the family is fewer than the number all the families are well.

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Hi, I’m Akbar from UAE. I had a hemmoragic stroke. This was so tough for me because i never imagined myself in this way. I lost my speech and i was obviously useless because i could not perform any activity without any support, i could not walk, i use dto

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Your post will be very careful for the elderly because the post tells about the stroke…

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